Creating a Fundraiser Supporting the next generation of sporting heroes through crowdfunding

We are super excited that you want to create a fundraiser via GoSportUs. To make this as easy as possible for you, we have created a detailed step-by-step guide for creating your fundraiser. 

There are 7 steps to creating a fundraiser which are summarised below. 

Step 1 – Fundraiser Snapshot

When your fundraiser appears on the GoSportUs website or a user searches for your fundraiser, they will see your fundraiser snapshot which provides a quick summary of your fundraiser. 

You will need to enter the following details to create your fundraiser snapshot:
  • Fundraiser Title - Make sure this explains what your fundraiser is but also stands out.
  • Unique URL Name - This is automatically populated based on your fundraiser title but you can change this if you wish. The purpose of the Unique URL means that when you share your project via email,social media etc, users can click the link to go directly to your fundraiser homepage rather than the GoSportUs homepage and then having to search to find your fundraiser
  • One Line Summary - If you had to summarise your fundraiser in one sentence, how would you describe it? Use this to capture people's attention.
  • Main Fundraiser Picture  - Add an image from your computer to use as your snapshot image. The ideal image size is 1170px x 400px. This image will also be used as your main fundraiser image on your project home page if you don't add a video to your fundraiser.
  • Fundraiser Video - Adding a video is optional but a video really helps to bring your fundraiser to life and can show what the money you raise will be going towards. You video has to come from YouTube or Vimeo and you simply need to copy the full URL for your video on YouTube/Vimeo and paste it here.
  • Location - Select the country and county/area where your team or fundraiser is located. The county/area you select will appear as the location for the fundraiser on your fundraiser homepage and will also ensure that your fundraiser appears on the search results page for that location.
  • Sports category - Select your sports category from the drop down menu. Your fundraiser will then be tagged with that sport and it will also ensure your fundraiser appears on the search results page for that sport. If your sport isn't listed in the drop down menu, send us an email at and we will add it for you.
  • Fundraiser Goal - Set a goal for how much you are looking to raise. Whether you raise more or less than your goal, you still get to keep all the money you raise but this helps give the fundraiser a drive. The amount you raise against your goal is tracked and displayed on your fundraiser homepage in terms of a progress bar and a %.
  • Fundraiser duration - Enter how many days you want your fundraiser to be on GoSportUs. We recommend fundraisers to be 30 - 90 days long as shorter durations help create a sense of urgency around your fundraiser


Step 2 – Fundraiser Detail

This is where you explain your fundraiser in greater detail so that people know what your fundraiser is, what you are raising funds for and how those funds will be used.

You will need to enter the following details:

  • Fundraiser Detail - This is the mean information that will appear on your fundraiser page so use it to explain and sell your fundraiser. You can also add images and links here to bring your fundraiser to life and give further background on your fundraiser.
  • Social Media Links - You can add links to your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ social media page here and these links will then appear on your fundraiser homepage. Users will then able to click these links which will take them directly to your social media pages. This is create for engaging people further in your team and fundraiser and encouraging them to sponsor and share your fundraiser.

Step 3 – Rewards (Optional)

A reward is a way to give something back to a user in return for sponsoring you. Adding rewards is optional, although offering rewards can help you attract more sponsorship. You can be imaginative as you like when it comes to offering rewards but here are some common rewards that work well:

  • Club Gear (Team Jersey, Tracksuit, Kit bag).
  • Club Branded Merchandise (Mugs, keyrings, air fresheners).
  • Club membership – Tip – you can raise extra money by offer varying levels of membership. i.e. standard membership at £35 or gold membership at £50 which could include free entry to games or some club merchandise along with the membership.
  • Team Jersey Sponsorship.
  • Match side advertisement board sponsorship.
  • Naked Calendars.

If you do choose to add rewards, you will need to enter the following details:

  • Reward title - Give you reward a title that grabs the users attention
  • Reward Description - Describe your reward in detail so that users know exactly what they are getting when choosing this reward
  • Number of reward available - Enter how many of that reward will be available. If you want the quantity to be unlimited then you need to enter "0"
  • Reward Cost - This is how much a user will need sponsor you in order to pick that reward
  • Allow Collection (Optional)? - If you would like to give users the option to collect this reward from you, tick this box.
  • Add UK shipping (Optional)? - If you would like to ship this reward within the UK, tick this box and enter the cost of shipping. This shipping fee will then be added to the reward cost when a user chooses it. If you aren't shipping a reward, this will be clearly stated on the reward on your fundraiser page.
  • Add Worldwide shipping (Optional)? - If you would like to ship this reward Worldwide, tick this box and enter the cost of shipping. This shipping fee will then be added to the reward cost when a user chooses it. If you aren't shipping a reward, this will be clearly stated on the reward on your fundraiser page.
  • Estimated Delivery date - Enter the date when you think your reward will be delivered. Even if you aren't delivering a reward or the reward isn't a physical product (e.g. a thank you on your website) you still need to say when it will be available
  • Ask Sponsor a question (optional) - You can ask a question in relation to a reward you are offering. (Example: If you are offering a T-Shirt as a reward, you might want to ask the sponsor what size of T-Shirt they would like?)

You can add as many rewards as you like simply by click the "Add Reward" button once you have completed adding a reward. When your fundraiser goes live, your rewards will be listed in order of cost (starting with the cheapest) on your fundraiser home page.

Step 4 – Team Members (Optional)

Team members can be added to your fundraiser so that they can raise sponsorship on behalf of your fundraiser. Inviting team members is optional but adding team members can greatly boost the amount of sponsorship you raise. The more team members you have, the more people out there spreading the word about your fundraiser and encouraging people to sponsor it.

If you add team members, you will need to enter the following details:

  • Team Member email addresses - Simply add the email addresses of the team members that you want to invite to join your fundraiser. To enter numerous email addresses, add a semicolon (;) after each email address e.g.;

Once you have added all your team member email addresses, click the "Next Step" button and continue with completing your fundraiser. Invitations to team members to join your fundraiser won't be dispatched until your fundraiser is approved. Once your fundraiser is approved, your team members will receive an email asking them to accept your invitation and once they do accept, they will then added to your fundraiser and sponsors can then attribute their sponsorship to a team members. You can add or remove team members at any time during your fundraiser.

Step 5 - Payment Details

We use a leading payment processing company called "Stripe" (also used by the likes of Facebook and Twitter) to securely manage all of our payments. So, in order to receive the funds you raise on GoSportUs, you need to complete the following steps to set up or connect your Stripe Account:

  1. Connect an existing Stripe account; or,
  2. Set up a new Stripe account
  3. Verify your Stripe account and set up your bank details
  4. Change your payment frequency (or keep it as is if you like)

It is extremely important that you complete these steps otherwise you won't get paid! See our step-by-step guide on how to do this.

Step 6 – About You

As the fundraiser owner, your profile will appear on the fundraiser homepage. This allows people to find out more about the person behind the fundraiser and will give them confidence that you and the fundraiser is genuine. 

You can enter the following details to your Profile:

  • Name - Enter your name
  • Email address - Enter your personal email address so that users can contact you about your fundraiser.
  • Photo - Click the "choose file" button and upload a picture of yourself from your computer.
  • Phone Number - Enter your home/mobile phone number so that users can contact you about your fundraiser.
  • Tell us about yourself - Use this section to give details about yourself. Let users know about your background, what you role within our team or fundraiser is and what your motivation for launching the fundraiser is.

Step 7 - Preview/Submit

Once you have completed the steps above, you can see a preview of how your fundraiser will look on our website before you submit it to us. You can then change your fundraiser as much as you like until you are happy with it. Once you are happy, review our Terms and Conditions and tick that you agree to these and then click the submit button.

Once you have submitted your fundraiser, we will review it and come back you within 24 hours confirming that it has been approved and is live on our site or, if it needs a few tweaks first, we will let you know. 

That's it! Ready to create your fundraiser, let's get started

Ready to create your fundraiser, let's get started

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