Sponsoring a Fundraiser Supporting the next generation of sporting heroes through crowdfunding

We are delighted that you want to sponsor a fundraiser via GoSportUs. It is really quick, easy and secure to sponsor a fundraiser on GoSportUs. The steps below take you through this step-by-step

Step 1 – Choose your Fundraiser

Choose the fundraiser you want to sponsor. You can do this by:
  • Using the search button on our homepage to search for the fundraiser you want to sponsor. You can search by fundraiser name, team name, location or by sport
  • Using the links the fundraiser owner has sent you.
  • Clicking the "view all" link beside the featrued fundraisers title on our homepage. You can then filter fundraisers on this page by sport.
  • Clicking the title of a sport under the "Top Sports" tab on the left hand side of the homepage. This will then bring up a list of all fundriasers on GoSportUs under tha sport. You can click the "See all" link at the bottom of the "Top Sports" tab to see a list if all sports categories on GoSportUs.

Once you find the fundraiser you want to sponsor, click the fundraiser snapshot and then select the "Sponsor" button on the fundraiser home page.

Step 2 – Enter you Sponsorship Amount 

  • Decide how much you want to sponsor the fundraiser by enter the amount in the sponsorship amount box.

Step 3 – Choose your Reward (Optional)

  • Some fundraisers may offers rewards in return for you sponsoring the fundraiser.
  • If you only want to sponsor the fundraiser and don't want a reward, simply choose the "I don't want a reward, I just want to sponsor the fundraiser" option and then enter the amount you want to sponsor the fundraiser in the sponsorship box at the bottom of the page.
  • If you would like to choose a reward, simply select the reward you would like and then make sure your sponsorhip amount matches the cost of the reward. If you are feeling generous, you can always sponsor the fundraiser more than cost of the reward stated.
  • For rewards, fundraisers may offer to post these rewards (both UK and Worldwide) to you. If this is the case, it will state how much this postage costs on the reward as well as an expected delievry date. These delivery costs will be automatically added to the cost of your fundraiser on this Step and when you are charged, you will be charged the cost of the reward plus the cost of the delivery.

Step 4 – Payment 

We use a company called Stripe (used by the likes of Facebook and Twiiter) to process our payments on GoSportUs which ensures the best security available whilst also being extremely easy and quick to use. You don't need a Stripe account to sponsor a fundraiser, you just need a debit or credit card. You will need to enter the following details in order to sponsor a fundraiser:

  • Enter your payment card details (card number, cvc number and expiry date). Payments can be made by Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
  • Enter your contact email and telephone number in case the Fundraiser Owner needs to contact you about your sponsorship.
  • Optional - If you have chosen a reward and the reward is being shipped, you will need to enter your postal address for delivery.

Step 5 – Attribute to Team Member (Optional)

  • If the fundraiser has team members raising money on behalf of the fundraiser, you can attribute your sponsorship amount to them here. Your sponsorhip still does directly to the fundraiser, but the money is attributed to the team member you have selected to show that you are supporting that team member within the overall fundraiser.
  • If you don't want to attribute your sponsorship to a team member and just want to sponsor the fundraiser directly, simply choose the "I only want to sponsor the overall fundraiser rather than a specific team member" option. Your sponsorship amount will go directly to the fundraiser and won't be attributed to any team members.

Step 6 – Sponsorship Dislplay

When you sponsor a fundraiser, you have the 3 choices of how your sponsorship will appear on the fundraiser:

  1. Display all info – This displays your name, how much you have sponsored and any goodluck messages you have left.
  2. Only display name – This will only show your name, so the amount you have sponsored will be hidden
  3. Anonymous – This hides all of your details.

It should be noted that regardless of whcih option you choose above, the fundraiser owner will still recieve all of your details in order for them to fulfil their fundraiser responsibilities.

Step 7 - Leave a Goodluck Message

  • You will have the option of showing your support by leaving a good luck message and this message will then be displayed beside your name on the fundraiser homepage. 
  • You can leave this blank if you wish and nothing will appear beside your name on the fundraiser homepage
  • If you have chosen a reward and the fundraiser owner has asked a question in relation to that reward (e.g. What size of jersey would you like - S,M,L,XL,XXL,XXXL?), then this quetion will appear here so that you can enter your answer.  

Step 8 - Spread the Word

Spreading the word about the fundriaser and the fact you ahve sponsored the fundraiser is vital for encouraging other people to sponsor the fundriasier as well. Using the in built social media tools makes it easy to spread the word:

  • Once you have sponsored the fundraiser, you will have the option to share the fact that you have sponsored the fundraiser with your friends so that you can then encourage them to sponsor the fundraiser as well. 
  • Simply click the social media icon (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+) which will bring you to your social media page where it will display a pre-populated message along with a link to the fundraiser homepage,
  • Enter your message and then click the share button and this will then be shared with all your contacts on your social media page and they will be able to click this link which will bring them directly to the fundraiser homepage so that they can sponsor the fundraiser as well.


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Have further questions about sponsoring a fundraiser? Then check out our Sponsorship FAQs or contact us