What is GoSportUs Supporting the next generation of sporting heroes through crowdfunding

What is GoSportUs?

Here at GoSportUs, we have a simple aim, to make sports fundraising easy

We love sports and believe that the passion, desire and determination shown by sports teams, individuals and events is truly inspirational. However, we all know that behind every amazing sporting achievement lies many long, painful hours spent fundraising. Fundraising is the lifeblood of most athletes and teams and without it, many of the iconic sporting moments that we have witnessed in our lives simply wouldn’t have happened. We want to ensure that future generations continue to be inspired by sport so we are here to make fundraising that little bit easier.

How Does GoSportUs work?

We provide a secure online platform that streamlines and simplifies the fundraising process for sports teams, individuals or events in 3 steps:

Step1 - Create your Fundraiser - add videos and photos to bring your fundraiser to life. You can also add rewards to encourage people to sponsor you and add team members to raise money for your fundraiser on your behalf.

Step2 - Spread the Word - use the power of social media to let people know about your fundraiser and encourage them to sponsor you

Step3 - Receive Funds - get sponsored 24/7 from anywhere in the World in an easy and secure way.

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Why use GoSportUs?

  • Online – Get your fundraiser online so that you can connect with your passionate supporters to get the funding you need in order to achieve your sporting dreams.

  • Quick – Setting up your fundraiser is straightforward and can be completed in 5mins

  • Easy, Secure Payment – Users can sponsor your fundraiser quickly and easily using our secure payment methods

  • Hassle Free – No more manually entering names, emails or figures into spreadsheets or chasing payment from sponsors. GoSportUs automatically does this for you.

  • Professional – Your Fundraiser page will be laid out in a sleek, professional manner.

  • Worldwide – Get sponsored by your passionate supports no matter where in the World they are based.

  • Social – Use Social Media like Facebook and Twitter to spread the word about your Fundraiser.

  • Team up – Team members can join your fundraiser to help you raise even more money.

  • Rewards  Offer rewards to boost the sponsorship you receive

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