O’Rahilly Centenary Cycle by Clonoe ORahillys

O’Rahilly Centenary Cycle
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36.1% raised

£3614.00 sponsored
by 143 sponsors

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About the Event

The aim of the event on this our Centenary Year is to cycle from the birth place of Michael O’Rahilly who our club was named after in Ballylongford, Co Kerry to Clonoe and in keeping with the GAA theme we will make a stop at Hayes Hotel, Thurles where the inaugural meeting of the GAA took place back on the 1st of November 1884.  There will be two other smaller cycles that will tie in with the last day of the large cycle and will link in with our nearest other O’Rahilly Club in Collegeland.

Departing:  12th July 2016 and travelling to Ballylongford via Glasnevin Cemetery where Michael O’Rahilly was buried.

Starting from Ballylongford on 13th July and finishing in Clonoe on 16th July 2016.

  • Day one Ballylongford to Thurles
  • Day two Thurles to Mullingar
  • Day three Mullingar to Monaghan
  • Day four Monaghan to Clonoe on Saturday 16th July 2016.  The last day will join up with the 65 mile cycle and when it reaches Collegeland it will also tie up with the 25 mile cycle.


Club History

Clonoe O’Rahillys GAC was founded in 1916, and named after one of the Leaders in the 1916 Easter Rising, Michael J. O’Rahilly. It was not until the 1940’s that the Clonoe team became firmly established in Gaelic football.

In 1941 Clonoe reached the Tyrone Senior Football Championship final for the first time and was beaten by St. Malachy’s Moortown. The 1950s was Clonoe’s most successful decade, with the official opening of O’Rahilly Park in 1952 and a place in the County Finals in ’52,’53,’56,’58 & ’59.

In 1958 Clonoe defeated Carrickmore in the Final and the arrival of The O’Neill Cup at ‘the Corner’ became a reality. The 1960s were also successful for Clonoe with wins in ’60, ’61, & ’65. In 1973 the new Social Club was opened and a reserve team formed which won the Intermediate Championship in 1983.

The O’Neill Cup was won in 1991 after defeating Coalisland and the reserve championship in 2000 with a win over Carrickmore in the final. U21 championship and U21 ulster club titles followed in 2001 a feat that was repeated in 2013/14. Further Senior Reserve Championships in  2007, 08,10,13&14 were accompanied with senior championship wins in 2008 & 2013 with Division 1 league titles in 2012 & 2015.


What will the funds raised be used for?

A donation from the funds raised will be given to a local charity.  All remaining funds raised will be used for the ongoing running costs of the club which includes our many boys and girls youth teams who represent our club across the county and province.

We greatly appreciate all the support you can give!

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Marcus McCourt Marcus McCourt £40.00 Well done bro
Geraldine Trainor Geraldine Trainor £100.00 No comment left
Connor Mcaliskey Connor Mcaliskey £20.00 Well done!!
Anna Millar Anna Millar £20.00 Well done Sean!!! Xx
Orla Goodwin Orla Goodwin £20.00 Well done Ronan!
Oonagh O'Neill Oonagh O'Neill £10.00 Ádh mór ort a Mhicí.
Olivia canavan Olivia canavan £10.00 No comment left
Shane Corr Shane Corr £50.00 Best of luck!
Catherine McHugh Catherine McHugh £10.00 No comment left
Aidan Taggart Aidan Taggart £10.00 That's some going lad fair play
Margaret Conlon Margaret Conlon Undisclosed Keep er lit shane
Barry O'Neill Barry O'Neill £25.00 All the best guys! Pints are awaiting in the club!
Helen Lavery Helen Lavery £40.00 Great achievement to all involved. Well done! Helen
Niall O'Neill Niall O'Neill £50.00 Well done to everybody involved. Get home safe.
Paul Oneill Paul Oneill £30.00 Keep going Philip, good to see you haven't copped out yet, unlike your brother.
Pail O'Neill Pail O'Neill £25.00 Nearly there folks. Keep it going
Chris Goodwin Chris Goodwin £25.00 Tis' yourself!! Good luck! Plenty of jelly babies!!
Daniel McLaughlin Daniel McLaughlin £20.00 No comment left
Theresa Trainor Theresa Trainor £5.00 Good luck
Brian Regan Brian Regan £10.00 No comment left
GARY DALY GARY DALY £20.00 Up Eglish!
Siobhan Trainor Siobhan Trainor £100.00 Good luck Sharon ! Feel the burn x
Pól Anmhuilinn Pól Anmhuilinn £20.00 No comment left
Claire Campbell Claire Campbell £10.00 Good luck! Lycra suits you
Alan Murray Alan Murray £10.00 No comment left
Laura Mcmullan Laura Mcmullan £20.00 Good luck with the remainder!!
Damian Cassidy Damian Cassidy £20.00 No comment left
Anonymous Anonymous Undisclosed Good luck Mick -stay safe!
Anonymous Anonymous Undisclosed Best of luck - stay safe!
Joe McElduff Joe McElduff £25.00 Good luck Rony
Barry Taaffe Barry Taaffe £20.00 Good luck Ozzey, I'll stay off the roads for a few days just in case your cycling isn't any better than your bus driving.
Kevin Kelly Kevin Kelly £20.00 No comment left
Cathy Bull Cathy Bull £20.00 Good luck xx
Mickey Coleman Mickey Coleman £100.00 No comment left
Bridget McNally Bridget McNally Undisclosed Best of luck Rony
PHIL CONLON PHIL CONLON £20.00 hope yer a better cyclist than yer are at bus drivin` :) good luck bud.
Orla Goodwin Orla Goodwin £20.00 Good luck Ronan :)
Marion O'Toole Marion O'Toole £10.00 Good luck Ronan!
Noey Wylie Noey Wylie £50.00 Hope you do week shane, from a born and bred Clonoe woman. xxx
Colm McElroy Colm McElroy £20.00 All the best Rony, keep her between the hedges!
Nikue Assarpour Nikue Assarpour £10.00 Good luck Ronan!
Peter Devlin Peter Devlin Undisclosed No comment left
JP O'Neill JP O'Neill Undisclosed Go team! Lovin' your work.
Mickey Mansell Mickey Mansell £60.00 Thanks..
Stephanie Fox Stephanie Fox £10.00 Good luck Ronan! You'll need a fair few pints to quench your thirst after that journey lol
Damian McElholm Damian McElholm £20.00 Keep er lit Rony, no doubt you will be at the head of the peloton with the rest of the fronties!
Sharon Mckeown Sharon Mckeown £20.00 Good luck Shane.
Paula Mansell Paula Mansell £20.00 No comment left
Anonymous Anonymous Undisclosed Best of luck Michael - sorry can't be there to see you come home. Not too many Saturday's I have to work but sadly this is one of them :( Will be thinking of you. Paula x
Tracy O'Neill Tracy O'Neill £10.00 Good luck!
Tracy O'Neill Tracy O'Neill £10.00 Good luck!
Michael Thompkins Michael Thompkins £25.00 Good luck lad
Olivia McGrath Olivia McGrath Undisclosed No comment left
Martin Oneill Martin Oneill £30.00 No comment left
Kevin Mcelvouge Kevin Mcelvouge £20.00 Goodluck grandad, be safe ! Lots of love grace xx
Kevin Mcelvouge Kevin Mcelvouge £20.00 No comment left
Kevin Mcelvouge Kevin Mcelvouge £20.00 Goodluck
Paula Kane Paula Kane £50.00 Good luck Frankie and to all.
Bosco Lyons Bosco Lyons £25.00 Don't fortget the satnav Frankie!! Embrace the pain. Good luck to all
Barrai Ryan Barrai Ryan £20.00 Good luck rahillys
Eammonn Hughes Eammonn Hughes Undisclosed Good luck lad
Christopher O Farrell Christopher O Farrell £20.00 Good luck lad
Lisa Colhoun Lisa Colhoun £45.00 Goodluck and safe journey on your trip x
Nora Conway Nora Conway £10.00 Safe travels Mickey to you and all the team and enjoy.
Bosco Hughes Bosco Hughes £50.00 Good luck to all involved
Danielle McStravock Danielle McStravock Undisclosed Good luck dad you can do it
Sean Mcstravock Sean Mcstravock £50.00 Best wishes dad from myself , Linda and Alisha
Breeda Toner Breeda Toner Undisclosed Good luck
Maria Herron Maria Herron Undisclosed Eamonn if you promised to do the cycle on that yoke in your profile picture, you's raise the ten grand on your own!! Adh mor ort!
Maria Herron Maria Herron Undisclosed Good luck with the cycle Danny!
Maria Herron Maria Herron Undisclosed Theres, you deserve enormous credit as the only woman undertaking the cycle. God love you with that dodgy outfit!! Best of luck and take care.
Lisa Ferguson Lisa Ferguson £20.00 Have a great time, stay safe
Damian McElduff Damian McElduff £15.00 Good Luck White Cap
Michelle O'Hagan Michelle O'Hagan £20.00 Good luck with the cycle Ronan!
Susan Conway Susan Conway Undisclosed No comment left
Cathaoir Corr Cathaoir Corr £20.00 Best of luck lads, enjoy. Might join you on the last day
Colette McElligott Colette McElligott £25.00 Up the Kingdom
Niall Coyle Niall Coyle £10.00 Best of luck!
Siobhan Canavan Siobhan Canavan £75.00 Best of luck!!! Hope you have a good seat cushion! And hope there's several cold ones waiting for you at the finish!
Fiona Clancy Fiona Clancy £30.00 Best of luck to you all!!!!
Michael Clancy Michael Clancy £20.00 Best of luck Mickey Mansell
Debbie Mcgowan Debbie Mcgowan £20.00 Good luck Mickey ☘
Raymond Coleman Raymond Coleman £40.00 Good luck lad from your little bro
Barry McNally Barry McNally £10.00 No comment left
Barry McNally Barry McNally £15.00 Best of luck to all
Elaine Casey Elaine Casey £10.00 No comment left
Charlene Hughes Charlene Hughes Undisclosed Best of luck.
Ed McQuillan Ed McQuillan £20.00 Good luck Frankie and all. I hope the potholes aren't as bad as them ones round Monaghan at the minute, otherwise bring the axle grease..
Anonymous Anonymous Undisclosed Good luck cuz x
Oliver Corr Oliver Corr £10.00 No comment left
Oliver Corr Oliver Corr £20.00 No comment left
Martin McElkennon Martin McElkennon £50.00 Best of luck Enda, hope you enjoy it. Marty
Conn Hanna Conn Hanna £20.00 No comment left
Ciarán Mac Iomhair Ciarán Mac Iomhair £20.00 No comment left
Caroline Oneill Caroline Oneill £25.00 Good luck with the cycle Kevin.No bother to u
kieran Hughes kieran Hughes £50.00 Good luck all. Sorry I cant be there to enjoy the craic. Stay safe.
Gary Shields Gary Shields £20.00 Up the Fianna !!
Jason Burns Jason Burns £10.00 No comment left
Josie Campbell Josie Campbell Undisclosed Good luck Shane.
Conor Leckey Conor Leckey £10.00 Good luck to all
Patricia McKinless Patricia McKinless £50.00 I'll have a lb of fresh ham at the finish line for ye
anne mcelroy anne mcelroy £15.00 Good luck Shane
Brona Cullen Brona Cullen £100.00 Keep her lit.
Tony Gervin Tony Gervin £10.00 Good luck Shane,no bother to you big fella. Éirinn go Brách
Surface Solutions Ltd Surface Solutions Ltd Surface Solutions Ltd Surface Solutions Ltd £100.00 Enda, "Keep her between the hedges" Good Luck Tony
Patricia McGrath Patricia McGrath £20.00 Good Luck!
Enda Cushnahan Enda Cushnahan £20.00 Good luck & hope the wind is on your back the whole way. Up Derrylaughan!
Maria Demassi Maria Demassi £10.00 Good Luck Frankie, you will need a holiday after that!!! Maria
Fiona SHIELDS Fiona SHIELDS £50.00 Safe cycling this time, please!!!
Colm McGrath Colm McGrath £25.00 If you don't make it do I get my money back??
Dave Hand Dave Hand £9.00 No comment left
John Paul Devlin John Paul Devlin £30.00 All the best
Martin Dorman Martin Dorman £30.00 Good luck lad
Seán Durey Seán Durey £10.00 All the best lad.
Gary Coney Gary Coney £20.00 All the best to everyone involved. Up the Rahillys.
BRIEGE HUGHES BRIEGE HUGHES £20.00 No comment left
Ray Broe Ray Broe £20.00 Best of luck Mickey. Thanks for being a gracious victor (board final - I never get further than that :p) over this old fart in the Regency, Dublin last year. A class act sir, and proud to back you :)
Charlie Conway Charlie Conway Undisclosed Keep her lit my son,22 years ago this month we were both having a ball☘☘☘
Ryan McKernan Ryan McKernan £10.00 Best of luck lads
Julia Broderick Julia Broderick Undisclosed Good luck and safe cycling Enda and all the group!!!
Kathleen O'Connor Kathleen O'Connor Undisclosed Good luck to you all! Kathy Kieran O'Connor and co xx
Derek Morgan Derek Morgan £20.00 Good luck Micky and to all
Robert Preston Robert Preston £30.00 What a challenge! Best of luck!
Darren Donnelly Darren Donnelly £25.00 Good luck to all who takes part
Stijn Boffell Stijn Boffell £10.00 No comment left
gary cullen gary cullen £10.00 No comment left
Barry Glendinning Barry Glendinning £10.00 All the best Mickey
Anonymous Anonymous Undisclosed Good luck to everyone
Stephen Moffatt Stephen Moffatt £10.00 All the best mickey
Aileen Wallace Aileen Wallace £20.00 Gd luck michael..tough going but ur a pro and will do it x
Aisling Kelly Aisling Kelly £10.00 Good luck Mickey & Emer
Lisa Mckenna Lisa Mckenna £10.00 Good luck Enda
Seainin Hanna Seainin Hanna £20.00 No comment left
Mark Brady Mark Brady £10.00 Good luck Mickey
Niall Mcgrail Niall Mcgrail £10.00 No comment left
Alan Keoghan Alan Keoghan £20.00 Good luck ya rogue ya.
Aidan Quinn Aidan Quinn £10.00 Good luck Mickey and all involved. Norton
Terry Mansell Terry Mansell £50.00 Best of luck hotshot!!! Push hard and don't stop till you cross the finish line!!!
Emer Mansell Emer Mansell £5.00 Good luck daddy
Fionnuala Shields Fionnuala Shields Undisclosed Best of luck daddy from Eunan and aoibhin. U can do it!!!!
Orla Friel Orla Friel £30.00 The very best of luck to you, keep the bike between the ditches ;)
Siobhan Brown Siobhan Brown £25.00 Good Luck Enda. Try and remain on the bike this year!

Team members

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Ronan McCourt Ronan McCourt £560.00
Mickey Mansell Mickey Mansell £510.00
Enda Shields Enda Shields £395.00
Shane Coleman Shane Coleman £360.00
Frankie McGrath Frankie McGrath £305.00
Owen Cullen Owen Cullen £300.00
Sharon Trainor Sharon Trainor £205.00
Sean Mcaliskey Sean Mcaliskey £195.00
Danny McStravock Danny McStravock £130.00
Eamonn Hanna Eamonn Hanna £100.00
Stephen O'Neill Stephen O'Neill £90.00
Philip O Hagan Philip O Hagan £50.00
Kevin McCabe Kevin McCabe £25.00
Stephen O'Neill Stephen O'Neill £10.00
Shane Donnelly Shane Donnelly £10.00
Theresa Fox Theresa Fox £10.00
Kevin Taggart Kevin Taggart £0.00
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  • Mickey Mansell
    2. Mickey Mansell
    Amount raised: - £510.00
  • Enda Shields
    3. Enda Shields
    Amount raised: - £395.00
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  • Marcus McCourt - £40.00
    Well done bro
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  • Connor Mcaliskey - £20.00
    Well done!!
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